Delivery terms

From 49.00 € value of goods free shipping within Germany. For other countries delivery or shipping costs incurred are expressly shown in the respective offer.

  • The goods shall be charged at the prices that are valid upon the delivery date.
  • The costs for the DSD and packaging are included in the price insofar as no agreement to the contrary has been concluded.
  • Notification must be made of any mistakes upon invoices and order confirmations within seven days’ time.
  • Our offers are non-binding with regards to the price and quantity.
  • We deliver available products within 3 business days to our forwarder DHL.
  • Additional expenditures for overnight and express deliveries shall be charged to the recipient. We shall choose the manner of shipment whereby the optimal variant will be given preference.

Customs duties, customs fees and value-added tax on imports may fall due for deliveries to addresses located outside of Germany. These costs shall be borne by the Customer. The Customer hereby releases the Seller from claims in view of these charges. Responsibility for correct customs clearance of the merchandise and any resulting charges shall rest with the Customer.

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