Cosmetics and Natural Cosmetics Events 2020

  • 11.06. – 14.06.2020- postponed! COSMOPROF Worldwide Bologna (German Pavillion)
  • 18.09. – 20.09.2020 – postponed! BEAUTY International Düsseldorf
  • 24.10. – 25.10.2020 – postponed! BEAUTY FORUM Munich

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Anti-Aging Oil


Schisandra Anti-Aging Oil combines the finest natural oils with botanical ingredients for truly luxurious skin care. The Anti-Aging Oil softens fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a healthy glow and strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. Schisandra extract reduces oxidative stress and soothes the skin. The Anti-Aging Oil absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling instantly softer and smoother.


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Revitalising Cream

A rich, nourishing cream for skin showing the first signs of ageing. Provides intense hydration and smooths dryness lines. An innovative ingredient combined with concentrated, skin-activated vitamins gives tired skin renewed vitality, improves cell activity and helps to keep skin looking younger for longer. Leaves the skin more elastic, firmer and better protected against harmful environmental influences.

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Active ingredient ampoules

Beauty boosts for special skincare requirements. Each ampoule contains an extra portion of perfectly dosed, high-concentration hyaluronic acid, in addition to special skin-active ingredients. This ensures the LBC/PARIS ampoules have an instant effect on your skin. With their intense moisture enrichment, they gently plump up the skin, making it appear firmer. Small dryness lines disappear instantly and the skin looks fresher and more relaxed.



Order high-quality cosmetic products and pamper yourself at home. Gentle facial cleansing, effective care creams, intensive hyaluron ampoules, hand care, pampering body care – buy here now.

Natural Cosmetics made in Germany

Becoming an LBC/PARIS business partner/distributor for natural cosmetics made in Germany

Become an LBC/PARIS Distributor and reap the benefits of distributing a natural cosmetics brand with charming french heritage and “made in Germany” quality assurance. LBC/PARIS offers you innovative skin care concepts with premium herbal ingredients in the rapidly growing segment of natural cosmetics.

We offer you:

  • a complete face care assortment
  • top quality products made in Germany
  • over 60 years of experience in professional cosmetics
  • premium brand image with that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’
  • inspiring design
  • interesting margins
  • marketing support to promote and boost your sales

Let us discuss the possibilities. Please feel free to contact us.

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    Treatment concept

    Treatment concepts for all the senses …

    Experience the unique luxury feeling of LBC/PARIS on your skin… let yourself be pampered… and take good care of your skin:

    This is pure EMOTION BEAUTÉ!

    LBC/PARIS treatments are designed to be the perfect match for your skin’s condition and your skin care requirements while leaving nothing to be desired. This is how they achieve excellent, long-term cosmetic results and beautiful, glowing skin.

    Special massage techniques and intensive skin care products designed exclusively for salon use, such as phytopeel, masques poudre and the “les essentielles” oil blends turn every  LBC/PARIS treatment into a special experience. Letting you forget the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    Consciously “Exclusive Professionelle”

    Luxury is not about buying expensive products; it is about being well cared for. It is about feeling good about yourself, placing yourself in “good hands”. This is why you will not just find LBC/PARIS everywhere, but at an LBC/PARIS cosmetics institute.

    Leading beauty experts have been using and recommending LBC/PARIS for over 60 years now!

    Would you like to know where you can receive treatments and purchase LBC/PARIS products?

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      Our background

      In 1954, a small laboratory was founded in Paris  – the “Laboratoire Biologique Cosmétique”. With Parisian flair, the first products were enthusiastically developed  – and successfully launched in cosmetic institutes over 60 years ago.

      In the 1970’s, our success story continued on the way entering the German market. Times have changed but our commitment remains the same: Preserving our values while developing skin care par excellence.

      Since 2004 LBC/PARIS has been exclusively natural cosmetics made in Germany.

      Emotion Beauté – Tangibly perfect care

      Our Francophile touch produces natural cosmetics with herbal and organic active ingredients that combine actual cosmetic effects and good skin compatibility in a very unique way. From the outset we have united an innovative skin care concept with the traditional values of herbal cosmetics and specialized treatment methods.
      This results in visible and tangible experiences and effects at our LBC/PARIS cosmetic institutes plus a feeling of wellbeing and an improved appearance of skin for at-home skincare.

      LBC/PARIS natural cosmetics – for beauty you can feel par excellence.

      Traditionally natural – Naturally innovative!

      In keeping with the original pioneering spirit of the Parisian era, our products are manufactured using carefully selected natural oils and plant extracts, herbal active ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. In combination with state-of-the-art technology, this makes for exclusive formulations with excellent skin care results.

      The majority of our natural cosmetics products has:
      • NO mineral oils
      • NO parabens
      • NO animal-derived raw materials

      Our responsibility. Our goals.

      • High quality standards for all our products
      • Combining traditional plant based raw materials and innovative formulation techniques for the best possible results
      • Highest quality raw materials
      • Utmost flexibility in production and delivery
      • Natural protection of resources thanks to the use of modern energy-saving manufacturing technologies
      • Recyclable packaging
      • Avoiding environmentally harmful waste